Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Govt. reluctant to pay cash for the work of the Rohingya youths To prevent displaced young Rohingya from anti-social work WFP to start Tk287 crore in two camps

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Govt. reluctant to pay cash for the work of the Rohingya youths To prevent displaced young Rohingya from anti-social work WFP to start Tk287 crore  in two camps

Amir Hamza:The United Nations World Food Programme(WFP), the global movement to achieve zero hunger, has undertaken a project worth of Tk 289 crore for provide job of force displaced 60,000 young Rohingyas to prevent from an anti-social work in the government operating camps in Cox’s Bazar .

According to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, sources said that the UN Food-assistance branch has proposed a package of WD-1 package under the ‘Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response’ project . Disaster Management project will be placed before cabinet committee on public purchase this week.
The proposal, signed by the ministry’s senior secretary, Md. Shah Kamal, states that after August 27, about seven million forced displaced Myanmar citizens seek refuge in Bangladesh. Rohingya’s youth and youth are currently living in the Kutupalang and Nayapara refugee camps located in Ukhia and Teknath upazilas of Cox’s Bazar district. The Rohingyas have a large number of youths who will be around 3,500, who are likely to engage in anti-social activities such as drugs, child marriage, etc., as they are not engaged in productive work.
The project was started with the aim of developing the basic facilities of the camps, implementing social programs and implementing the incentive programs by integrating the young peoples of Rohingya camps into productive work.
The proposal also states that in a very important way, there is a provision for paying cash for the development work of the project. But the government has been discouraged by the officials for cash payment for their work’s .
Sources in the management ministry said the young Rohingya could be addicted to drugs for payment of their work if they were paid in cash. For this reason, the government has been discouraged from giving cash in Rohingya.
The WFP proposal states the two Rohingya camps located at Cox’s Bazar distribute food items through e-vouchers.
The project will assist in planting and conserving indigenous species of grass on 95 hectares of land to help protect the camp’s environment. Construction, rehabilitation, conservation and maintenance of footpaths and bamboo socks will be completed. Work will be carried out in two refugee camps to provide skills development training to the Rohingya youths and young people in relation to providing community services. These works were followed by a partnership process by the government and various NGOs.
The project has a key objective in improving the quality of the camp’s existing services and enhancing people’s ability to return to normalcy by completing productive activities for these displaced Myanmar citizens.
The government has approved a proposal for the appointment of a committee of Tk 289 crore food under the UN to implement the Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project, implemented by Camp Disaster Management and Relief, for the implementation of package WD-1. Will be presented.
The Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project was approved at an ECNEC meeting on November 7, 2009 for implementation with the financial support of the International Development Agency (IDA) and the Government of Bangladesh. The project was commissioned on June 26, from the date of twenty-two banks.

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