Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Int.Crimes Tribunal prosecutor Suman receives crest from nephew of Mir Quasem Ali

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 | 3:33 am | 147 times

Int.Crimes Tribunal prosecutor Suman receives crest from nephew of Mir Quasem Ali

The prosecutor barrister of the International Crimes Tribunal, has taken the crest (special honor) from war criminal Mir Quasem Ali’s nephew, who was hanged in a New York-based expatriate’s death. The news about Syed Haque spread through social media has prompted criticism in the community. In the light of the situation, the organizer of the event, the president of the Bangladeshi-American Community Council, Mohammed N Majumdar Udawat, told NRB News on the evening of January 26, “We did not invite anyone as the nephew of the war criminal Mir Quashem.” When he invited the Mayor of New York City, he did not come and sent his community liaison officer, Mir Ali, to deliver the crest. “I did not know him before,” said the social worker.

In Michigan state: Prosecutor Barrister Sumon of the International Criminal Court of Bangladesh is addressing the reception rally. Founder Chairman of NRB Commercial Bank (US Awsia Farsa Amarshi Alia Asaria Awasia Aligarh, Arseni Saraswari League), co-founder of NRB Commercial Bank (USA Awami League). (BAPA) President Capt. Kram Chaudhary, President and CEO Mohammad Khalil Rahman Khalil Biriyani House, marks the Bronx Home Care Branch Manager Almas Ali, One Piece mamunasa tutorial is to provide students crest. Organizers point out that because Barrister Sumon is a US green card holder, there is no barrier to awarding him community service. However, the question of whether New York City Mayor Crest can grant a person acting as a state court prosecutor in addition to living in Bangladesh permanently

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