Thursday, February 6th, 2020

The fifth meeting of TICFA will be held in Dhaka on March 5

Thursday, 06 February 2020 | 2:36 pm | 150 times

The meeting will be held in Dhaka on March 5 in Dhaka, following the canceled the fifth meeting of the Christian community’s big religious festival ‘Christmas’ in December last year. The meeting of the Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement (TICFA) with the United States was not held last year. Despite all the preparations were completed by the Ministry of Commerce. According to the agreement, the forum is supposed to meet once a year. Since the fourth meeting was held in the US last year, Bangladesh has finalized the fifth meeting this month. The US Estate Department has agreed to hold the meeting in Dhaka on March 5. The United States said the forum would not be negatively affected if bilateral trade and investment were not held in a timely manner. .

In this regard, WTO cell director general of the Ministry of Commerce Md. Kamal Hossain told the Agami news that the US government had agreed to hold a meeting of the TICFA Forum in March. But the forum’s meeting was postponed, but there is no possibility of falling for trade and investment cooperation with the United States. He said the meeting was supposed to be held in Dhaka this year, but the United States has been behind time, ahead of the big day and New Year. . It is reported that the day of the Tikfar meeting was fixed by the WTO Cell of the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh. Earlier, the United States was invited to attend the meeting. On this occasion, the Commerce Ministry finalized the agenda of Bangladesh. In addition, the opinion of the internal stakeholders was sought from the Ministry of Commerce. Inter-ministerial meetings were also held to determine the agenda. But the meeting was postponed for at least two months due to US requests.

Meanwhile, the fifth meeting of the Trade and Investment Co-operation Forum Agreement (TICFA), signed between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom, is crucial. However, the people concerned are disappointed with the progress of the forum which was made five years ago. Because no significant investment was received from the US at this time. On the other hand, most of the emphasis is on investment growth and employment.

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