Saturday, February 15th, 2020

FD rejects the proposal to build 68,000 houses in districts with funds transfer fromVGF

Saturday, 15 February 2020 | 1:48 am | 67 times

FD rejects the proposal to build 68,000 houses in districts with funds transfer fromVGF

Finance Division has rejected the proposal of Disaster Management and Relief ministry to construct 68,000 houses in each district with transfer of funds of VGF program, the partial funding of special grants and unused money from the unauthorized development projects this and next fiscal year, an official of finance divisions said.

In a letter signed by Deputy Secretary of finance division Md Touhidul Islam on Thursday, sent a letter to Senior Disaster Management Secretary Dr Shah Kamal proposed the construction of houses in each district on the occasion of ‘Mujib Year’.

The officials of Disaster Management Ministry, however, said the finance division does not agree about transfer of the money from different expenses heads including VGF funds; they implement the districts housing projects with the ministry’s own funds.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal told the Motherland News correspondent that he did not know whether the Disaster Management Ministry’s proposal reject or not.

Meanwhile, the Finance Division’s letter states that the proposal the Disaster Management Ministry was rejected by Finance Division with showing seven very good reasons.

As per, the finance division letter, the proposals are to ensure the food security of the poor and very poor public if the ongoing VGF (venereal group feeding) program is slashed down due to district housing project and provide food support to the people and families and the poor people in extreme disasters, besides disrupting humanitarian aid programs to reduce the risk of disaster in the poorer communities engaged in specialized occupations. The course interval is 3 h Bay

If the disaster management and relief ministry’s sector allocation is reduced, it will create complexity in the financial resources needed to address the emergency situation. If there is no bulk allocation for the unauthorized project, if any of the projects in the pipeline is approved, then there will be a problem in financing the project.

With the money allocated to rural infrastructure renovation, disaster-proof housing will be created in rural areas to create employment, increase income of rural poor people, balance food supply everywhere, create a positive impact on poverty alleviation and meet the demand for renewable fuel and electricity. Inside the food supply will be interrupted.

Disaster-resistant housing for rural poor homeless people through special allocation of Rural Infrastructure Maintenance (TR) program will have adverse impact on the society besides disrupting the main purpose and purpose of this program and shelter all the homeless families in the country under PM-II project. Landless, homeless addressless river breaks Ridra families cluster villages for rehabilitation under the Ministry of Land (Climate Victim rihibilitesana), despite the implementation of the project for the construction of the house would not be prudent Another project initiatives. Because the guidelines on project acceptance and implementation have clear guidelines for avoiding duplicity in the implementation of the project.

The special allocation of the TR-Cabinet is being canceled. Instead, the Disaster Management and Relief Ministry will house the homeless with equal amount of money. By December, at least 1,000 total semi-permanent houses will be constructed in each district.

The proposal of the Ministry of Disaster Management says that construction of 1,000 houses will be completed in two steps. In the current fiscal year, 1 thousand 3 thousand houses will be constructed in the current fiscal year and in the next fiscal year 2023-27. As per the demand, the program will be considered for next year as well.

The proposal further states that in the revised budget of fiscal year 20-22, it has been decided to transfer Tk. The proposal will be submitted for the approval of the Chief Minister. This money will be taken from the VGF allocation of the current budget. As a result, VGF allocation will be reduced in the current financial year.

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