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How to Celebrate the Holy Eid Festival Safely during COVID19 Pandemic

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How to Celebrate the Holy Eid Festival Safely during COVID19 Pandemic

After the month-long fasting of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival of Muslims, has arrived. However, unlike other years, the holy festival is coming amidst of pandemic this year. Yes! We are talking about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The number of affected people in Bangladesh has crossed 30000; while more than 400 people died from deadly COVID-19 disease. Let not be this holy Eid the last celebration for you or your family. In this article we are going to discuss some ways about how to celebrate Eid safely during COVID-19 pandemic.
Precautions for Grocery Shopping

Before the Eid day, mass people tend to do grocery shopping for family. Try to order products from online grocery shops and get delivery at your home. If you find no other way but to visit a grocery shop physically, go a less crowded store. Wear mask, and hand gloves. Carry clean tissues and an alcohol-based (60-70%) sanitizer in your bag. Before holding a shopping cart, wipe it with a clean tissue.

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Try to maintain at least 6-feet of social distancing from the grocer and other shoppers. If possible opt for credit card or debit card payment. Sanitize your hand after leaving the grocery shop. After entering home, leave your shoes, and drop the grocery bags in a predefined corner of your kitchen. Then wash your hands for at least 20-seconds with soap and running water. After that, disinfect your grocery in proper ways.

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Coronavirus Eid Precautions 2020
Precautions While Visiting Shopping Malls

Shopping for Eid is a favorite ritual of the common people in Bangladesh. People love to buy gifts for family members and relatives centering on the holy Eid celebration. For Eid-shopping you don’t need to step outside home! You can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and other necessary items online.

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However, if you still want to visit shopping malls take safety protections, like wearing masks and gloves. Beware of touching the lift-buttons with hands. You can apply the elbow to push the buttons. While using stairs, try not to touch any railings. Such places are commonly contacted by numerous people. Who knows any of the visitors might have carried the virus.

Besides these, try to avoid touching or trialing clothes at malls. Be careful while taking any food at the mall. If possible carry your own water bottle and food. And don’t forget to sanitize your hands after leaving the mall. After entering home, leave your shoes, and wash your hands again properly.
Precautions for Holy Eid Prayer

The celebration of Eid-al-Fitr starts with a holy prayer. Every year the religious Muslim communities visit Mosques to join communal Eid prayers, and exchange greeting. But this year, doctors and authorities are asking people to celebrate Eid in a bit different way for the sake of safety. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) is encouraging the honorable Muslim community of the country to carry out the Holy Eid Prayers at respective homes to prevent the risk of Corona Virus contagion.

Eid Safety Precautions COVID19

However, if you are still interested to visit a mosque for Eid prayer, don’t forget to take the following safety measures.

– Perform the ablution (Wudu) – the ritual of purification before prayer – within your home. Though mosques have a designated place for ablution, touching the metal taps can enhance the risk of virus contagion. You may know that Coronavirus can stay alive on the metal surfaces for long hours.

– Wear face masks and hand gloves before leaving home.

– Carry your Janamaz – prayer rug – from home. If not possible take a piece of clean cloth with you. Then put the cloth over the surface where you are going to place your hands, forehead, and parts of face during the prayer.

– Try to maintain at least 6-feet of distance during the prayer. And keep social distance while exchanging greetings with other Muslims after the holy Eid prayer.
Safety Measures for Get Together

The ritual of holy Eid prayer is followed by offering treats to relatives, friends, and neighbors. But this year, you can minimize visiting relatives. You can utilize video calling and other technology to greet your relatives while staying at home. However, if you still decide to visit any relative’s place don’t leave your face mask behind.

Eid Greetings Online 2020

People of Bangladesh are hospitable. Especially during the Eid festival people of all economic status love to treat their relatives and friends with delicious food. You can invite your guests at home. But it would be wise, if you can invite one family at a time, instead of arranging a large family party. Do wear face masks in front of your guests, and encourage them to do the same.

Besides these, try to maintain some precautions while serving the food. For instance, the common use of metallic serving spoons can enhance the risk of spreading the Corona Virus. You can apply separate serving spoons and disposable crockery. Ask your guests to sit sporadically maintaining social distance, instead of clustering. Overall, plan your food arrangement wisely assuring safety from COVID19.
Bottom Line

The holy Eid brings heavenly bliss for the whole Muslim community. Unlike previous years, let us celebrate this holy Eid with a different flavor in a cautious way. Simple precautions can save you, your family, relatives, friends, and neighbors from the COVID19 pandemic. And, our collective precautions can make the upcoming Eid celebration happier and safer for the whole country. Eid Mubarak!

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