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Big rural infrastructure dev project underway in Pirojpur

Friday, 26 February 2021 | 1:24 am | 467 times

Big rural infrastructure dev project underway in Pirojpur

Representational image of a rural infrastructure project

The government has taken an initiative of rural infrastructure development project for Pirojpur district at a cost of Tk. 600 crore. It is likely to come up for approval at the next meeting of the Executive Committee meeting of National Economic Council (ECNEC) this week.
Over 448.29 km road will be developed in the district to bring huge change in its overall communication system. It will also create greater access of transportation to markets, health centers, educational institutions and other local service providers to bring transformation to standard of living of rural people.
The project will further create new job opportunities in short term and long term basis.
Sources said the southern district of Pirojpur is intertwined by beels, rivers and canals. Although rich in agricultural produce and fisheries; the district overwhelmed by abundance of water however fall back in education and infrastructures.
Moreover, as a coastal district, residents have to deal with numerous natural calamities.
Planning Commission sources said that a meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) held on last October 29 revised the project proposal and some recommendations were made to restructure the project.
The project is ready to be presented at the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC). It will be then implemented by the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) between 2021 and 2025.
Zakir Hossain Akand, a former member of the Planning Commission’s said if rural roads were developed and maintained, transportation costs of local produce will fall and quality of life improve by way of uninterrupted communication and other development activities.
In addition, new growth centers will be developed to play a key role in marketing of agricultural produce through construction of grameen hats. This will create huge employments locally in agriculture and non-agricultural sectors, the project officials said.
Under the project a total of 22.6 km upazila road will be develop, 56.33 km union road network will be upgraded, 36.29 km rural road to be built, 632 meter rural bridge and culverts will be built, 6.93 km road maintenance to be done and 19 local hats developed. Ferry ghats will be developed.
According to the local government department, there are about 4,008 kilometers of registered rural roads exist in Pirojpur which include 2,613 kilometers paved roads. As cyclones and tidal surges hit the people, sustainable infrastructure development is high on the agenda for the district.

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