Monday, April 19th, 2021

Audi A6 e-torn concept is bold and bonkers

Monday, 19 April 2021 | 12:53 pm | 39 times

Audi A6 e-torn concept is bold and bonkers

Audi put a mark on the Shanghai Auto Show 2021 with the announcement of the A6 e-torn concept car for its bright electronic future.

Completely electronic, the four-door Sportback EV is designed using the company’s brand new EV technology, premium platform Electronic (PPE), which is co-developed by Porsche and is expected to include several new luxury models from German manufacturers – including electric Porsche McCann and Audi Q6 e-torn.

Audi says the new electronic architecture will allow the A6 E-Tron to spread faster and more sustainably than its A6 hybrid counterpart, marking a promising glimpse into the company’s future production EVs.

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