Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

WhatsApp is getting a new privacy tool

Thursday, 22 April 2021 | 11:55 am | 75 times

WhatsApp is getting a new privacy tool

WhatsApp is preparing to launch a new tool that will allow you to send self-destructive videos and photos to your contacts, but things will not be as straightforward as they first appeared.

WhatsApp already includes a disappearing messages function, and future versions of the app are riffing on this idea with media that vanishes as well.

We know that WhatsApp may be working on this feature after September 2020, when researchers at Dabbetainfo discovered the secret clues in a beta version of the app. Now, those same sleuths have found a new welcome screen that explains to users exactly how the tool will work – and its limitations.

According to the message, which will be presented on-screen when the feature rolls out publicly, it will only be possible for recipients to open self-destructing images and videos once before they’re deleted. However, they will be able to take screengrabs while the media is open.

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