Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Police beat son, daughter-in-law, grandson as accused flees

Sunday, 16 May 2021 | 2:17 am | 79 times

Police beat son, daughter-in-law, grandson as accused flees

Policemen allegedly beat a man, his wife and their baby boy as they failed to arrest an accused of theft case in Gopalganj.

The incident took place at Kazir Bazar area of Char Manikdah village under Gopalganj sadar upazila on Saturday (May 15).

According to locals, SI Ajit Kumar Sarkar and ASI Saidur Rahman of Gopalganj Sadar Police Station in plain clothes went to arrest theft case accused Kaiyum Mollah on Saturday morning. But he managed to flee the scene after sensing the presence of police.

As they failed to arrest him, they, being furious, beat the accused’s son Insan. They also beat his wife as she came forward to save her husband. At that time, the policemen took away her baby boy from her lap and threw away. As a result, they all sustained injuries.

Hearing the news, locals blocked the road in front of the house and sieged the two policemen. Being informed, OC Monirul Islam rushed the scene with additional force and rescued them. OC also took the injured and admitted to Gopalganj Sadar 250-bed Hospital.

Injured Insan Mollah said, “The police went to arrest my father Kaiyum Mollah. When I saw the police, started shouting and my father ran away. Being furious with that, the two policemen began to beat me with bamboo. My wife was also beaten and injured when she tried to stop them. At that time, they snatched the baby away from my wife’s lap and threw it away. Later, the OC brought us by a police car and admitted us to the Gopalganj 250-bed General Hospital.


Gopalganj Sadar Police Officer in Charge (OC) Monirul Islam said, “Kaiyum Mollah is an accused in several theft and robbery cases. Two policemen went to their house this morning to arrest him. When the police caught the accused, his daughter-in-law bit the hand of the police. Then the accused Kaiyum fled the scene. Insan and his wife got into a scuffle with the police. Their child got injured at that time. They were taken to the hospital and given first aid.”

He further said, “Recently there was a clash in Ghosherchar Uttarpara of Latifpur Union centering on the establishment of the supremacy in the area. Fifty people, including five policemen, were injured in that incident. A case was filed by the police over that incident. Many have been accused in the case. Since, they are slandering the police in various ways. This incident is also a part of it.”

However, no statement could not be received from SI Ajit Kumar Sarkar and ASI Saidur Rahman over the incident.

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