Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Half bus fare: City buses not interested to carry students!

Thursday, 02 December 2021 | 3:35 am | 94 times

Half bus fare: City buses not interested to carry students!

In the wake of students’ agitation for half bus fare following the death of students in road accidents, private bus owners finally announced to introduce the half fare provision in the capital only from Wednesday (December 1). But, the reality is totally different.

Many students complained that bus conductors locked into altercation centering the issue. Besides, bus drivers allegedly avoided students in many bus stands.

While visiting Shonir Akhra, Gulistan, Azimpur, Dhaka Medical routes, this reporter on Wednesday (December 1) found the complaints from students.

Taposhi Rabeya Jannat, a student of Eden Mohila College said, “I live in Matuil area. I had to pay the Tk30 bus fare today. The conductor didn’t take half bus fare.”

The conductor told me that their bus owners didn’t provide any directions about the half fare, she added.

Rayhan Tarek, a student of Dhaka College said, earlier we paid Tk25 to go to college. The fare was hiked to Tk35 due to oil price. I used to pay Tk20 at that time. But, today some buses took half fare. Whereas many students failed to show their valid identity cards as the educational institutions were shut for a long time following the pandemic.

On the other hand, BRTC buses were seen taking half fare from students

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