Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

Govt issues 15 guidelines to curb Omicron spread

Wednesday, 05 January 2022 | 5:08 am | 65 times

Govt issues 15 guidelines to curb Omicron spread

The government has issued 15 guidelines to curb spread of Omicron, the highly infectious variant of coronavirus.

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) issued a notification in this regard on Tuesday (January 04).

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Strengthening of medical tests and screening of passengers who are arriving from Omicron infected countries, at gateways — land, air and waterways.

2. All types of public gatherings (social/political/religious/others) have to be discouraged.

3. People must follow all essential health rules including wearing face masks while going outside the house.

4. Limiting dining facilities at restaurants should be ensured.

5. Limiting people’s gatherings at different places including tourist spots, recreation centres, resorts, community centres, cinema halls/ theatre halls and social programs should be ensured.

6. Health rules including wearing facemasks must be maintained at all places of worship as well as mosques.

7. Health guidelines must be maintained at public transports.

8. Passengers arriving from the infected countries have to be kept for a 14-day quarantine.

9. All educational institutions (madrasah, pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary and universities) and coaching centres must maintain health rules.

10. Healthcare professionals and health service recipients must follow heath guidelines strictly.

11. Unvaccinated people must receive first and second doses of Covid-19 vaccines from vaccination centres.

12. People with suspected coronavirus cases, positive patients and other people who have come in close contact with Covid-19 patients have to be kept in quarantine.

13. The suspected Covid-19 people have to be kept in isolation as well as have to be brought under a testing facility.

14. Wearing face masks must be made mandatory at offices besides maintaining other health rules.

15. Vaccinated people must wear facemasks while going outside

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