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‘Two watchtowers set up at PM’s public rally venue’

Friday, 24 June 2022 | 1:55 pm | 48 times

‘Two watchtowers set up at PM’s public rally venue’

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed said, “Security has been beefed up around PM’s public rally place at Banglabazar Ferry ghat in Madaripur slated to be held on June 25 over inauguration of the Padma Bridge. Two watchtowers with latest technology have been installed at the public rally place which are being used in Bangladesh for the first time. Two Watchtowers have recently been brought from America.”

IGP said this while visiting the public rally place at the Banglabazar ferry terminal in Madaripur on Friday (June 24).

Benazir Ahmed said, “The Padma Bridge has created an excitement at the national and international levels. Bangladesh’s economy has prospered and progressed. A festive atmosphere has been created across the country on the occasion of the inauguration of the bridge. We expect at least 10 lakh people to gather here tomorrow.”

“Security measures are being re-evaluated here and are being evaluated at every moment. We have coordination with intelligence department. Hopefully, with the support of the country’s people, we will be able to celebrate this historic moment of tomorrow in a festive atmosphere,” he said.

Benazir Ahmed said, “The safety committee of the bridges ministry is working here. We have come to see the latest security situation. We have given suggestions on how would be the public meeting place, what will be the car parking. If the instructions and restrictions are followed, it will be easy for everyone to reach venue. In addition, signs and postings have been set up on the streets. Those who have never been here will be able to enter the venue very easily.”

The IGP said there was no threat to the police around the inauguration of the Padma Bridge and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s rally. If there is any threat, we will mitigate that. We have constant intelligence coordination. Apart from this, separate security arrangements have been made in each place around this historic public meeting venue. Here district police, naval police, traffic police, highway police are working separately. We will stay here until the rally is over.”

“Thousands of people will gather at the rally. We have recently noticed that the coronavirus infections are on the rise across the country. For this reason, we strongly urge all those who come to the public meeting to abide by health guidelines,” he said.

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