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Padma Bridge opened: Dhaka now at people’s hands of south region

Sunday, 26 June 2022 | 4:26 am | 49 times

Padma Bridge opened: Dhaka now at people’s hands of south region

People of the country’s south region are now having sigh of relief as the capital Dhaka has come at their hands with the inauguration of Padma Bridge.

The Padma is one of the main rivers of the country which separates 21 districts in the south-southwest of the country from the capital Dhaka. To reach the capital Dhaka, two waterways of the country, Madaripur-Munshiganj district’s Banglabazar-Shimulia ferry and Rajbari-Manikganj district’s Daulatdia-Paturia ferry are be crossed. The capital can also be reached by crossing the Manitghat of Charbhadrasan in Faridpur. Even if you have use the ghat, you have to cross the Padma. However, due to poor communication, passengers in remote districts refrain from using that route. In other words, the Padma is the only river that separates the southern region from the capital Dhaka.

The dream Padma Bridge was finally inaugurated on Saturday (June 25). From the morning of June 26, common passengers will be able to use the bridge. With launching the bridge, the communication system was radically changed.

Talking to common people of different districts of the south-southwest, it was learned that as a result of the Padma bridge, different products from this region can be easily reached Dhaka. Again, daily necessities can be brought to the rural areas from the capital. As a result of the bridge, time will be saved and cost will be reduced. This will expand trade and commerce in this part of the country. It will also increase life standard of people of the region.

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