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Italy starts issuing seasonal and sponsored visas to Bangladesh

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 | 6:04 am | 104 times

Italy starts issuing seasonal and sponsored visas to Bangladesh

The Italian government is taking 82 thousand 705 workers from 33 countries including Bangladesh. Online application submission started on March 27 and will continue till 31 December.
The application form is being filled out online from the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the country from 9 am local time on Tuesday. 2 lakh 38 thousand 335 have been submitted within an hour of the start of the application.

Citing the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs, the local famous media “Ilsole24” published the news.

According to the published report, at the beginning of this year, the Italian government announced bringing in about 83 thousand non-European workers in various sectors. When the application started at 9 am on March 27, 2 lakhs 38 thousand 335 were submitted in the first hour. Which is 13 thousand more than last year.

The report also said that the government has announced to bring 83 thousand workers this year. But only 83 thousand workers are not enough to meet the employment deficit.

Italy will hire mainly 2 categories of workers—seasonal and non-seasonal. The country will take 44 thousand workers in the seasonal category. Out of this, only 22 thousand people will be taken for agriculture. Those who are interested in agriculture-related work can apply for this quota. The rest can apply for other seasonal jobs.

Seasonal workers are usually granted visas for 9 months. When the visa expires, they have to return to their home country. If one does not go back, he faces a difficult life as an illegal immigrant.

After going to Italy on a seasonal visa, most of the workers did not return on time, the Italian government banned Bangladeshi workers for about 9 years. This ban has been lifted since last year.

Those who work in Italy on a seasonal visa and return to their home country within a certain time frame are given priority for employment at a later date. Not only that but at one point they get a chance to apply for permanent residence in Italy. This year 6 thousand 600 people can apply for permanent residence in this category.

Italy requires a lot of labor in the farming sector during the summer season. Besides, workers are needed in many other sectors including hotels, restaurants in tourism areas. Seasonal visa workers usually work in these sectors. If you work a little harder, you can earn an average of one lakh to one and a half lakh taka per month from here.

Italy will take 38 thousand 705 workers in non-seasonal quota. Skilled workers will be appointed in this category. For example heavy vehicle drivers, infrastructure construction workers, shipbuilding workers, telecommunication workers, food supply and management workers, etc.

Italian citizens or companies can apply for expatriate workers following the conditions set by the country’s government. The Italian government looks at several things including the employer’s annual income and expenditure, taxes, purchase vouchers, and accommodation of the workers.

Only a photocopy of the passport is required in the case of a laborer and a skill certificate in the case of a skilled laborer. Each worker costs 16 euros. Apart from this, if someone takes the help desk to fill out the application form, it may cost another 100 to 150 euros.

In the previous year, a specific quota was fixed per country, but this year it was not done. That is, it is not specified how many workers can go to Italy from which country. However, this year there is a new condition for submitting applications. That is, the employer must first apply to the employment department stating the needs of the workers. If they are unable to supply workers, they will issue a certificate, based on which an application can be made to take workers from abroad.

If the application is accepted, a nulla wasta or visa approval letter will be issued from the public administration office. It has to be submitted to the Italian embassy of the home country to collect the visa.

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