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“1.49cr Bangladeshi expats work in 176 countries”

Thursday, 06 July 2023 | 3:48 am | 306 times

“1.49cr Bangladeshi expats work in 176 countries”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the incumbent government is working tirelessly to ensure safe and responsible labor migration. More than 1.49 crore workers are working in 176 countries in the world now.

The premier said this while replying to a question at the parliament on Wednesday (July 5).

In reply to a question of Kishoreganj-5 constituency Afzal Hossain, she said that foreign employment of 8,147,642 people in the professional, skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled categories has been confirmed in the last 12 years.

Sheikh Hasina also said as a result of providing necessary training to women workers, selection of trainees and orientation activities at the district level, and expansion and decentralization, about 10 lakh women workers have got employment opportunities abroad in the past era.

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