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Unity of Muslim countries can ease the plight of Palestinians: PM

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 | 12:45 pm | 75 times

Unity of Muslim countries can ease the plight of Palestinians: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that if all the Muslims of the world were united, Muslims would have been pioneers in various fields including the Palestine issue.

He said this at the inauguration of Hajj Program-2024 in Dhaka’s Ashkona on Wednesday (May 08) and exchanging greetings with pilgrims.


The prime minister said that they will have their place in Palestine Arab land. It is their right. No one can take away this right. So that right should be given to them. If all our Muslim countries could work together today, then we could be a pioneer in this regard.

He said, you see what is happening in Palestine. How genocide is being carried out there. Men and women, small children are not spared there. Wherever I speak, my voice is loud—I protest it everywhere.

Sheikh Hasina said, I am the only sister among OIC countries. I say, I am the only sister. So this is my word, let’s all be united and let’s all be vocal to move towards such injustice-injustice not happening to us.

Highlighting the modernization of Hajj management, the Prime Minister said, I made that announcement in the election manifesto of 2008 to build a digital Bangladesh. Today it is actually implemented. And because of the implementation, today everyone got this opportunity. When I came to the government for the first time, I also made arrangements for mobile phones to reach everyone.

He said, launching satellite Bangabandhu-1, delivering broadband to all places, providing Wi-Fi connection, but today you can go for Hajj in this simple way and do the work at home without any harassment. no Moreover, we have made the system so that registration can be done directly and those who do not use computers themselves, like we have created digital centers in every area. Registration can be done by sitting in this digital center. We have also made that arrangement.

Sheikh Hasina thanked the Saudi King and Prime Minister and Haj related people and said, “They are very generous and giving us a lot of cooperation regarding Hajj in Bangladesh, for that I am sincerely thankful to them.”

He said, the first time I went for Umrah in 1984 and then the first time I did Hajj in 1985, the mismanagement of Hajj and every time I came after that, I came as a guest of the Saudi King since 1985. I used to visit Hajj camps all the time. What is the problem somewhere; I used to come back and give letters. I used to talk to the ambassador who is here.

The Prime Minister said, though then I was neither an MP nor a minister nor anything—as a citizen. But they gave importance to my words and slowly we managed to improve this Hajj management. Because of that, today you all are able to perform Hajj well or go for Hajj and it is getting easier.

Regarding the development of Ashkona Haj camp, the Prime Minister said, we are making an underpass from here. The airport will be connected with this Haj camp and the airport railway station through an underpass. You can reach very easily. Baggage can also be taken, arrangements are being made. There will be no need to walk, we are making special arrangements for that. There will be straight escalators, battery powered vehicles like golf carts.

Mentioning that the railway network has been built all over the country, he said, you can go directly to the airport by getting off the train.

Commenting that Bangladesh has progressed so far with the support of the countrymen, Sheikh Hasina said that every time those who are going (for Hajj), there is a problem, we are taking steps to improve it and the Saudi government is always helping us in this regard.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the pilgrims to pray for the Muslim Ummah of Bangladesh and the whole world.

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