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India withdraws all troops from Maldives

Friday, 10 May 2024 | 12:25 pm | 107 times

India withdraws all troops from Maldives

India has withdrawn all troops from Maldives. This is what the Maldivian government has said.

India has withdrawn all its troops as per the demand of the country’s President Mohammad Muijju. Khabar The Hindu.


President Muizhu is seen as a pro-China leader. He set a deadline of May 10 to withdraw all Indian troops from the Maldives.

As many as 90 Indian troops were stationed in Maldives. One of Muijju’s key promises during the election campaign last year was to send these soldiers back to India.

The latest batch of Indian troops has been withdrawn, Hina Waleed, chief spokesperson of the Maldives President’s Office, confirmed to news portal Sun.MV. He did not say how many Indian troops left Maldives this time.

He added that this number will be announced later.

The troops were stationed in the Maldives to operate and maintain two helicopters and a Dornier aircraft gifted by India.

Earlier, the Maldivian government said that 51 of these soldiers were sent back to India on May 6.

Maldives had earlier notified the presence of 89 Indian troops.

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