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Prime Minister asked to find the reason why male students are lagging behind female students

Sunday, 12 May 2024 | 6:33 am | 63 times

Prime Minister asked to find the reason why male students are lagging behind female students

The result of Madhyamik School Certificate (SSC) 2024 and equivalent examination has been published today Sunday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said to find the reason why male students lag behind female students in terms of number of students and pass rate in the secondary school while inaugurating the results release program.

After 10 am on this day, the chairmen of the education board handed over the summary of the results to the Prime Minister at Ganabhaban, the official residence of the Prime Minister. Later, Education Minister Barrister Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel gave a summary of the combined results.

The Prime Minister said that there are a total of 20 lakh 38 thousand 150 examinees in 11 education boards. The number of students is 9 lakh 99 thousand 364, and the number of female students is 10 lakh 38 thousand 786. Why are the students less? We have to find that reason. We have to take initiative, why the students are decreasing? The pass rate also shows that girls are the pioneers in many cases.


He said, we know that education is the backbone of the nation. There can never be progress without an educated population. That is why our government always gives importance to education. What we spend on education, we don’t call it expenditure. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib said it is investment. We invest in education.

The head of the government said that since the Awami League government came to power, efforts have been to encourage people towards education. So that they focus on education. Here we can see that the literacy rate is increasing day by day. The number of students participating in education has increased at a great rate. Then if anyone is scattered it is our responsibility to send them to school. We want to introduce not only BA-MA pass, but also technical education, science technology, information technology, everything needed to be educated or to survive in the global arena.

He said the father of the nation proved the principles of education. handed over But it could not be completed. Then the father of the nation was killed. That policy never saw the light of day again. After the Awami League government formed the government in 1996, I formed a commission to formulate these policies. 2001 we could not come to government, once again the education policy went into deep freeze. After that there was no further initiative. When I came to the government for the second time, I am making policies and implementing them. There is an opportunity to make changes whenever it needs to be corrected in time.

He further said that today we can see that the results are being announced in just 60 days. But the results have been falling for months after months. The students didn’t get it. But now a rule has been brought in.

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