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Arrested while escaping from death sentence 2

Monday, 13 May 2024 | 10:13 am | 37 times

Arrested while escaping from death sentence 2

RAB arrested two accused while escaping after hearing the death sentence. The verdict in the murder case of Jubo League leader Jamal Uddin of Comilla’s Chauddagram was announced on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, 9 people were sentenced to life imprisonment and 9 people were fined 50 thousand with death sentence. The day after the verdict was announced, the two accused were arrested while fleeing from Comilla on Monday morning. RAB-11 Deputy Director Mahmudul Hasan gave this information on Monday.

They are – son of Tajul Islam of Silari village of Chauddagram. Khandaker Mofizur Rahman (52) and son of Nazir Ahmed of Alkra village. Rezaul Karim Bablu (42).

RAB-11 Deputy Director Mahmudul Hasan said that Jubo League leader Jamal Uddin was brutally killed on the night of January 8, 2016 in Comilla’s Chouddagram. In this incident, the elder sister of the victim filed a murder case in Chouddagram police station. According to the statement of the case, former UP Chairman Ismail Hossain Bachchu started various criminal activities including torture, misdeeds, extortion on the common people after being elected. Jamal Uddin started protesting against him. In view of which, main accused Ismail Hossain Bachchu became enmity with the victim. Later the accused tried to kill him 2/3 times. Later Alkara Union Jubo League President Jamal Uddin was called in a pre-planned manner and was first shot and later slaughtered with sharp weapons at the head of the road in Chauddagram Padua. On April 18, 2016, the investigating officer of this case filed a charge sheet against 23 people including the main accused Ismail Hossain Bachchu. Later, the court sentenced 9 people including the main accused to death, life sentence to 9 people and also fined 50 thousand taka to each and acquitted 5 people. During the verdict, the accused who was sentenced to life imprisonment was present in the courtroom. Ali Hussain RAB arrested him on March 29. RAB arrested two accused after the sentence was announced. Arrested

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