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500 tickets deducted with other’s NID: RAB

Friday, 14 June 2024 | 8:10 am | 24 times

500 tickets deducted with other’s NID: RAB

A gang bought tickets using others’ National Identity Card (NID) and mobile number to black market during Eid. Then they sell those tickets to ordinary passengers at high prices.

On Friday (June 14) in a press conference at the Kamalapur railway station platform in the capital, RAB-3 CO Lt. Col. Md. Feroze Kabir.

He said, Rapid Action Battalion RAB-3 arrested 12 people from two such gangs. There is also a sales representative for private trains at Kamalapur railway station. These black marketers have booked around 500 tickets for the next 10 days.
He also said that two gangs named Sohail and Ariful used to operate black market from Thakurgaon and Dhaka.

Feroz Kabir said, they conducted the operation last night. 10 people were arrested from Dhaka. Two others have been arrested from Thakurgaon.

Feroz Kabir said, we started the operation last night. It was an ongoing campaign. It is conducted in two to three stages. Arrests have been made from various parts of the country including Dhaka’s Kamalapur and nearby areas.

He said, there are two types of cycles. One such gang used to sell tickets online with fake national identity cards and mobile numbers. Later, they sold it at a high price by advertising on the Facebook page. Receive money through mobile banking by sending soft copy.

He said, two such gangs were arrested from the area around Mauchak Mor. The name of one of them is Manik and the other is Bakul. Talking to them, I came to know that Manik originally came to black market business with one person named Sohail and another person named Abu, Raihan and Anis staying in Thakurgaon. Tickets for the next 10 days are available from them. They have hard copy and soft copy. Meanwhile, Dinajpur’s Ekta Express ticket price is selling at 3000 taka.

Feroz Kabir said Anis and Raihan were arrested through Manik and Bakul. Raihan works in a computer shop. There he bought many tickets using fake SIM and national identity card. They have a large WhatsApp group. Demands and other issues are discussed there.

He said Raihan and Anis used to send tickets to Sohail and Manik And Manik and Bakul used to sell by advertising on Facebook page.

This CO said that Ariful Islam is the booking assistant for private trains at Kamalapur railway station. He also runs a cycle. Tickets for government trains were obtained from him even though he was a booking assistant for private trains. He had been doing this for a long time.

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