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3 Bangladeshis killed in road accident in Saudi

Friday, 14 June 2024 | 8:12 am | 21 times

3 Bangladeshis killed in road accident in Saudi

Chandpur: Three Bangladeshi workers were killed in a road accident on their way to work in Afif city of Al Najd region of Saudi Arabia.

The accident happened around 9am local time on Thursday (June 13).

The deceased are Sabuj Chowkidar (38), Md. Sabbir (21) and Md. Rifat (20). The house of all three is in Chandpur.

Among the victims, Sabuj’s house is in Faridganj upazila of Chandpur. He is the son of Jamal Chowkidar in West Bishkantali village of Chardukhia West Union.

The other deceased was Sayyal Bari of Charbhanga village of Algi South Union of Haimchar Upazila near Sabbir. Ismail is the son of Chayal and Rifat Algi is the son of Delwar Hossain of Kamalapur village in North Union.

On Friday morning (June 14), mourners were seen at the homes of the three workers who died. With Eid-ul-Azha approaching, such an accident has created a heart-wrenching situation in three families. Eid Anand is all soil of those three families.

It is known that Rifat of Kamalapur village went to Saudi Arabia 3 years ago. He worked as a construction worker.

Rifat’s father Delwar Hossain said that he had spoken with his son a few days ago. I wanted my son to come home and celebrate Eid. But it didn’t happen anymore.

Rifat’s neighbor Al-Amin Khan said the boy died at a young age. We are all shocked by such an accident. I am at a loss for words of comfort. The boy was the breadwinner of their family.

Meanwhile, the parents of the deceased Sabbir have sought the government’s help to return the child’s body to the country.

Sabbir’s mother Fatema Begum is unable to talk about her son’s grief. Very speechless. Neighbors are not able to convince the mother even with consolation. He is crying every now and then with his son’s name.

Sabbir’s younger sister Sneha said, brother used to tell me about many dreams on the phone. What will you do when you return home? When we talked a few days ago, I asked to come to the country. But the brother did not come. I am the younger of two brothers. Elder brother also lives in Saudi.

Sabbir Chowkidar took Sabbir and Rifat to Saudi Arabia for work. He took them to build buildings in Afif city and surrounding areas. They used to come and go to work in their own cars. The driver of the car was Green.

The car was driving green on the day of the accident, said his father Jamal Chowkidar.

Jamal Chowkidar said, Sabuj has worked in Saudi for about 18 years. He has come to the country several times. He has a wife and two daughters. They were also taken to Saudi a few times on travel visas. The last two weeks ago, the wife and children were taken from the country to Saudi Arabia. They are now in Saudi.

He also said that on Thursday at 4 pm Bangladesh time, I received information about the accident of 3 people including Sabuj. At 10 o’clock in the night, I got to know through the relatives staying there, after the accident, the doctor declared them dead when they were taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, his mother and relatives are shocked by the death of Sabuj. Green’s mother repeatedly says, I want to see my son with my own eyes and touch a little.

The families of the three expatriates who were killed now have only one demand, that the relevant departments of the government cooperate in bringing the bodies of their children.

Haimchar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Umme Salma Nazneen Trisha said that we have not been informed by the families of those who died in the accident in Saudi so far. However, if you let us know, all kinds of cooperation will be done for them.

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