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61 thousand expatriates have returned from Malaysia

Friday, 14 June 2024 | 8:20 am | 22 times

61 thousand expatriates have returned from Malaysia

Illegal Migrant Repatriation Program (PRM) is underway in Malaysia. 61 thousand 54 undocumented expatriates have returned to their country through this program.
Information from the Immigration Department of Malaysia says that 70 thousand 379 illegal immigrants have registered their names to return to their country in the repatriation program that started from March 1 this year until June 9. Among them, 61 thousand 54 people have returned to their country till June 9. It is not known how many Bangladeshis have returned in this number.
The repatriation program has given the government the opportunity to voluntarily return to their country by paying a fine of 500 ringgit by December 31 this year. On the other hand, the country’s government and local media are constantly urging illegal immigrants to leave the country through this program. According to the country’s immigration department, 3 to 4 lakh undocumented illegal immigrants from different countries will return to their respective countries without punishment under this program.

It is known that every day thousands of expatriates are crowding the immigration to return to their country. Besides, thousands of people are waiting for the online appointment of the immigration department. According to the announcement, to return to the country, an appointment must be taken directly from the immigration department. One way air ticket and passport should be taken along. Those who do not have a passport must obtain a travel permit from their respective High Commission.

After that, the illegals can return to the country within the next 14 days by paying a fine of 500 ringgit and paying a special pass at the immigration department. Many people think that the number of Bangladeshis will be quite long in this list of expatriates returning to the country.

And during this period, the operation to catch the illegal immigrants is going on. Based on information and searches provided by the public on foreigners working without valid pass/permits and without valid travel visas, raiding hotspots across Malaysia under various names such as Oparisi Sapu, Oparisi Selera, Oparisi Pintu, Oparisi Mahir and Oparisi Pickup, are carried out daily in Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, The country’s immigration police are detaining citizens of various countries including Pakistan and Vietnam.

As a result, despite the many opportunities given by the Malaysian government, there is a fragile situation among the approximately 1.5 million Bangladeshis who are living illegally in the country. About 1 lakh Bangladeshis may return home from Malaysia due to various complications, which may affect remittances as well.

There are 86 raids all over the country, on the other hand, the illegals seem to be stymied by the thought of jailers. If they don’t want to commit suicide in this prison without walls, they have no other option but to return to their country.

It is known that most of those who are returning home under this program are unemployed or without necessary documents. Many people have recently come on calling visa and are returning to the country after being cheated and not getting work as expected. In this way, the number of returnees is increasing day by day. In addition, many well-known companies have brought workers to Malaysia on calling visas in the name of free visas.

Illegal immigrants should return to their respective countries by following the procedures of the repatriation program by December 31. Strict action will be taken against those who do not return home by that date. Malaysia has stated that it will not compromise with any side in the interest of security.

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