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In Sylhet, three lakh people are stuck in water

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In Sylhet, three lakh people are stuck in water

The ongoing second round of floods in Sylhet has worsened due to continuous rains and upstream flows. The water in the rivers is increasing. The lower areas of Sylhet city and upazila have been flooded. Today Tuesday (June 18) morning, 4 rivers are flowing over the danger line at 6 points. District Administration Sylhet till Sunday (June 16) night

In the district, about one and a half lakh people are under water, but the local sources said that till this morning, two lakh people are affected by the flood. Among them, about half a million people in the metropolis are watertight.

The district administration has provided sacrificial animal meat, dry food, saline and medicines to the flood-affected people on Eid.

Sylhet has been affected by the second round of floods after 20 days. On May 27, Sylhet experienced an early flood situation. 7.5 lakh people of all upazilas of the district were affected. Sylhet was hit again on Saturday (June 15) before the flood water receded completely.
Sylhet district administration said on Sunday (June 16) night that about one and a half lakh people in 10 out of 13 upazilas of the district are waterlogged. However, heavy rain started falling in Sylhet from early morning on Monday (Eid day). The upstream stream started coming down. As a result, flood situation occurred in almost all upazilas by Monday morning. Besides, most areas of Sylhet metropolis are flooded. Many important and main roads are submerged in water.

After noon on the day of Eid, when the rain stopped, the water in the metropolis started to fall. However, it started raining in Sylhet from early morning on Tuesday. As a result, the water in Sylhet metropolis started rising again from this morning. Many local residents said that the situation is worse than yesterday. New roads and houses have sunk.

It has been found that all the low-lying areas of the metropolis are submerged in water. Especially Shahjalal suburb is almost completely under water. Water is up to the neck in the ground floor of many houses. Besides Jatarpur, Mendibagh, Shibganj, Raynagar, Sobhanighat, Kalighat, Kamalgarh, Machimpur, Taltala, Jamtala, Kazirbazar, Madina Market, Akhalia and Majortila, most of the areas of the metropolis are affected by floods.

Besides, there is water in many major and important roads within the metropolis. Airport Road, Sylhet-Tabil Road, South Surmar Bangbir Road, several places are under water.

Water Development Board (PUBO) Sylhet office said at 9 am on Tuesday, till this time water is flowing 133 cm above the limit at Kanighat point of Surma river. Sylhet of the river

The water at the point is 22 cm above the danger line. At Fenchuganj point of Kushiara river water is flowing 79 cm above the danger line. At Sarighat point of river Sari, water is flowing 35 cm above the water line and at Sarigoin point of river 16 cm above the water line.

It has been reported that many rural roads in several upazilas including Goainghat and Companyganj have been cut off due to subsidence. Crops in many farmlands have been submerged, fish in ponds have been washed away.

According to the Sylhet Meteorological Office, Sylhet received 153 mm of rain in 24 hours (Monday from 6 am to 6 am on Tuesday and 44 mm on Tuesday from 6 am to 9 am). The organization has predicted continuous rain in Sylhet for the next two days.

And according to the information of India Metrological Department – 395 mm from 6 am on Monday to 6 am on Tuesday in Cherrapunji, India. It has rained. As a result, the water in Sylhet’s rivers is increasing rapidly. Sylhet

District administration sources said on the day and night of Eid, a total of 538 temporary shelters have been prepared in all upazilas. Among them, 343 people have taken shelter in different shelters of 5 upazilas.

Meanwhile, on the day of Eid, the sacrificers of the city of Sylhet were in a lot of trouble as water entered their homes and businesses. Many people sacrificed animals on Monday with suffering. Many people waited for the water to recede. But they are also in trouble as they increase water in the metropolis from this morning.

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