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9 patients died in hospital fire in Iran

Tuesday, 18 June 2024 | 12:36 pm | 17 times

9 patients died in hospital fire in Iran

9 patients killed in hospital fire in Iran On Tuesday, a fire broke out on the ground floor of a hospital in the northern Iranian city of Rush. Six women and three men were killed. Local authorities said that they were under treatment at the ‘Qam’ hospital.

Mohammad Taghi Asobi, head of Gilan University of Medical Sciences, said all patients in the hospital were evacuated. One patient died in the ICU. The rest died earlier.

According to state media IRNA, the doctors of Gilan Medical are investigating to find out the cause of death. Five children who were under treatment at Qam Hospital were transferred to another children’s hospital. They are in good condition.
According to reports, there was an emergency power generator on the ground floor of the hospital. That’s where the fire started. Additional generators are run due to power outages. As a result of this, the private media reported that the fire started. But the authorities did not comment on it.

142 patients were undergoing treatment in the 250-bed hospital when the fire broke out.

Interior Minister Ahmad Bahidi said that he has been in touch with the provincial officials. Coordinating assistance to the injured.

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