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1.6 million people are trapped in flood in Sylhet region

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1.6 million people are trapped in flood in Sylhet region

Due to the deterioration of the flood situation, the number of people trapped in water is increasing in different districts and upazilas of Sylhet division within a day. In Sylhet, Sunamganj and Moulvibazar, vast areas have been flooded and more than 1.6 lakh people have been affected by the flood.

As time goes on, the number of people affected by floods is increasing.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the number of people trapped in water in 13 upazilas of the district including Sylhet city has increased to 800,000. On Tuesday afternoon, the previous day, this number was a quarter of 4 lakh. A few hours later, the number of people trapped in water at night reached a quarter of 7 lakh. And in a span of 28 hours, the flood affected exceeded 8 lakh.

And in Sunamganj, information has been found that more than five lakh people are trapped in water in the affected area.

Earlier on May 29, 7 lakh 39 thousand 362 people were affected by premature floods in Sylhet. In addition, it is reported that more than three lakh people have been waterlogged in various upazilas including Moulvibazar Sadar. This time the continuous light and heavy rains and the downpours coming down from Meghalaya in India have once again flooded large areas of 13 upazilas including Sylhet city.

According to the information of the district administration, 8 lakh 25 thousand 256 people of a population of 41 lakh 11 thousand 835 people in 13 upazilas of the district including various areas of the city corporation have been trapped in water till Wednesday. 42 wards of CCIC have been flooded. Out of 153 unions of five municipalities and 13 upazilas, 129 are one thousand 548 villages. Shelters have increased from 619 to 656. 19 thousand 949 people have taken shelter in these shelters. Till Tuesday this number was 3 thousand 924 people.

One control room has been opened in the district administration and one in each upazila. A medical team has been formed in each union in the affected areas. Along with this, the volunteer team is working to ensure food supply and rescue work through upazila executive officers.

Heavy rains may continue for the next three days based on information from the Meteorological Department. For that reason, Sylhet Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sheikh Russel Hasan has ordered the concerned people to be on top alert over the overall situation.

Meanwhile, the water of three rivers in Sylhet crossed the danger level at five points. Water flowed above the danger level at six points in Surma, Kushiara, Sari and Sari-Goain rivers in the district till Wednesday afternoon.

According to the information of the Water Development Board, till 6 pm on Wednesday, Surma water is 96 cm above the danger level at Kanighat point, Surma water is 37 cm above the Sylhet point, Kushiara water is 62 cm above the danger level at Amalsid point and Fenchuganj point is 100 cm above the danger level and Sherpur is 21 cm above the danger level. Flow was over 2 cm.

Especially in Sylhet city area, Goainghat, Companiganj upazila, lakhs of people have been waterlogged separately. The city’s Taltala fire service station is also waterlogged. Before the water rises, the concerned have removed the essential items.

However, according to the information of the people’s representatives of the flood-affected areas, road communication has been cut off due to the submergence of many rural roads in the upazilas. Crops of many agricultural lands were submerged, fish in ponds were washed away.

Due to crossing the danger level at the point adjacent to Surma Pani Nagar, Sylhet city suburbs, Terortan, Sonarpara, Lamapara, Shivganj, Majortila, Kewapara, Taltala, Jamtala, Sobhanighat, Jatarpur, Machimpur, Pathantula, Dargamhalla, Payra have been flooded in more than half a hundred areas. Water has entered houses and shops in many areas. Somewhere from knee to waist water.

According to Sylhet Meteorological Department, Sylhet has received 100 mm of rain in the last 24 hours (Tuesday 6 am to Wednesday 6 am). And on Wednesday from 6 am to 6 pm it rained 110.2 mm.

Meanwhile, more than four lakh people in 69 unions and two municipalities of Sunamganj are affected by floods. Among them, about 12 thousand 439 people have taken shelter in shelters. Tahirpur-Bishwambharpur-Sunamganj road has been submerged in water. Traffic is closed on Chatak-Gobindganj road, Doarabazar-Chatak road, Jamalganj-Sunamganj road.

5 thousand people in Sunamganj Sadar upazila, 22 thousand in Biswambharpur, 15 thousand in Shantiganj, 140 thousand in Tahirpur, 12 thousand 670 in Jamalganj, 37 thousand 310 in Jagannathpur, 78 thousand 250 in Dirai, 117 in Shalla, 2 lakh in Chatke and 50 thousand in Doara Bazar upazila. has been 531 shelters are ready for flood victims. Among them, 12 thousand 439 people have taken shelter in shelters.

Meanwhile, according to the information received from Moulvibazar district administration sources on Wednesday afternoon, in seven upazilas including the district headquarters, due to the heavy rains of the last few days, the upstream hill slopes and rivers have flooded the lower areas. 474 villages were flooded in the district, 2 lakh 81 thousand 920 people were affected. However, it is feared that this number may rise to three lakh at night. One thousand 513 families are staying in 204 shelters in different upazilas of the district. 70 medical teams have been formed.

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