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The water is rising in the Yamuna, people are panicking

Friday, 21 June 2024 | 5:54 am | 125 times

The water is rising in the Yamuna, people are panicking

Water is rising in all the rivers, including the Yamuna, coming down from the hills upstream in Tangail’s Bhuyapur. There is a fear of flooding. Flood water is entering the char and low-lying areas. The water of Yamuna river is flowing below 112 cm of Bipatsima at Porabari point and 56 cm of water of Jhenai river is flowing below Jokarchar point.

On Friday (June 21) morning, the Govindasi Union area of ​​the upazila was visited and it was seen that erosion has occurred in several areas including Chituliapara, Valkutia, Hupapara and Matikata, Patitapara, Konabari areas of Nikrail Union for several days. As a result, the riverside people are disoriented.

Meanwhile, river erosion has started with the increase in water. Hundreds of people affected by the erosion of the river bank are passing their days in extreme despair due to the fear of erosion that survived the previous erosion. Erosion has already started in some areas.

The people of the riverside complained that the district water development board dropped nominal geo bags in various places including Khanurbari, Chituliapara last year to prevent erosion. They are now in danger of collapsing. In addition, influential people drop geobags in front of their houses. Geobags are not dropped in front of the houses of poor families.

Geobags of the guide dam laid by the Water Development Board to prevent erosion during floods last year are collapsing due to dredgers unloading them. As a result, paved and semi-paved roads, guide dams, houses, mosques, temples, small and large educational institutions are under threat of collapse.

Residents of the village of Patitapara said that the water in the Yamuna river has been increasing for the past few days. Erosion has also occurred with the rise of water. But no initiative is being taken to prevent erosion. Last year the settlement was demolished and the remaining living space is on the way to disappearing into the river before our eyes.

Executive Engineer of Tangail District Water Development Board. Sajjad Hossain said, I have come to know about erosion in Bhuyapur. A project has been submitted for Govindasi and Nikrail among the erosion areas. Besides, when the economic zone work starts in that area, it will become a permanent dam.

In this regard, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Mamunur Rashid said that the water in the Yamuna river has been increasing for some days. The matter of erosion will be informed to the higher department and the district water development board will be spoken to and action will be taken quickly.

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