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People’s lives disrupted by floods in Sylhet

Friday, 21 June 2024 | 5:58 am | 24 times

People’s lives disrupted by floods in Sylhet

Sylhet is flooded. Heavy rains and floods caused by mountain landslides coming down from upstream have disrupted public life in Sylhet’s Sunamganj. New areas are getting flooded every day. Due to the lack of food, the water-bound people are facing a big crisis with their children.

The fish and ducks of the farm were swept away by the flood water. Aman, Aush, Iri rice fields are under water. There is a shortage of clean water as tube wells are submerged. Farmers are in trouble due to lack of fodder. Starting from business institutions, schools, mosques, temples and cemeteries were flooded and the flood victims have to bear huge losses and sufferings. Water seeped into the roads as well as the houses and the sufferings increased. 6 lakh people of the district are living in a water-logged state.

The water of Surma, Kalni, Kushiara and Jadukata rivers, the main rivers of the district, were flowing above the danger level till Thursday (June 20) dawn. However, the Water Development Board (PUBO) said that the water remained constant from 2 pm to 12 am on Wednesday.

According to the news in Haor area, the rain stopped sometimes during the day, but the sky turned black in an instant. Incessant raining and raining in the name begins with the roaring. Suffering and fear are now the daily companions of Sunamganj residents. The people of Banvasi have been fighting with the landslide for 4 consecutive days. Many have left their homes due to waterlogging. Many have settled in shelters.

Meanwhile, Sunamganj technical training center and district Ansar VDP office shelter, apart from the shelter, several shelters of Sadar and Biswambharpur upazila distributed relief materials including dry food throughout the day on Wednesday (June 19). Mohammad Sadiq and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury.

Executive Engineer of Sunamganj Water Development Board. Mamun Howladar said that at 6 am on Thursday, Surma river water is flowing 140 cm above the danger limit of 41 cm in Chhatak upazila at Sholghar point of Sunamganj. In the next 48 hours, there is a possibility of heavy rainfall in Meghalaya, Assam and Cherrapunji along the borders of India. This may worsen the flood situation in Sunamganj district.

Executive Magistrate Mostafizur Rahman Emon, who is in charge of the control room run by the district administration to deal with the flood situation, told the media that 6 lakh people are stuck in water in 11 upazilas of the district. 18 thousand flood victims have taken shelter in 541 shelters in the district. So far, GR has allocated 500 metric tons of rice and 35 lakhs as GR cash.

Syed Khaledul Islam, executive engineer of Sunamganj Department of Public Health Engineering, said, “We have sufficient preparations to deal with floods.” In the meantime, 350,000 water purification tablets have been distributed in the flood-affected upazilas. Also, 12,000 pure water and 1.4 million water purification tablets are prepared in 2 vehicles of 6,000 liters in each vehicle under water purification mobile water treatment plant. Around 3000 tube wells have been destroyed by submersion in water.

Bimal Chandra Som, deputy director of Sunamganj Agricultural Extension Department, said that 1,677 hectares of rice paddy and 413 hectares of vegetables have been submerged in flood water due to heavy rains and landslides in the district. He also said that it will take 2 to 3 days to determine the amount of upazila-wise damage.

Dr. Sunamganj District Livestock Officer. Md. Rafiqul Islam said, the amount of death and damage of cattle and poultry in the district has not yet been determined. However, it is believed that in 12 upazilas, a lot of cattle has been washed away by the flood water.

Sunamganj District Commissioner Md. Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury said, due to hill slopes and heavy rains, the lower areas along the banks of Surma River in Sunamganj have been flooded. Millions of people were trapped in water. Already, 10 metric tons of rice and 2 lakh 50 thousand taka and dry food have been distributed to those who have taken shelter in the shelter. Sufficient amount of relief material is also stocked. The district administration is prepared to deal with the floods.

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