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Patuakhali 1,320MW power plant ready for generation

Saturday, 22 June 2024 | 12:38 pm | 20 times

Patuakhali 1,320MW power plant ready for generation

1,320MW coal-based thermal power plant in Patuakhali is now fully ready for power generation. In September, 660 MW electricity is set to be added to the national grid from this power plant. And the remaining 660 MW electricity will be connected in December. Now the final stage of work is going on.

The officials of this project think that adding electricity to the national grid from this plant is a milestone for the power sector of Bangladesh.


The project aims to connect 660 MW electricity from the first unit in September and another 660 MW from the second unit in December to the national grid.

On August 31, 2019, the construction work of this power plant started with the joint investment of NORINCO International Power Company Limited, a state-owned company of China, and Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL), a state-owned company of Bangladesh.

According to RPCL sources, 915 acres of land in Nishanbaria, Dhankhali and Londa villages of Dhankhali union of Kalapara upazila have been acquired for this project, but the infrastructure construction work is progressing on 500 acres.

Executive Engineer (Electrical) of the power plant Asif Ahmed came up with the information.

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