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Three people including two brothers died after bathing in Padma

Monday, 24 June 2024 | 10:44 am | 26 times

Three people including two brothers died after bathing in Padma

His two brothers and three friends died tragically after taking a bath in the Padma river in Pabna Sadar. The incident took place on Monday (June 24) around 1 pm in the Padma river of Bhaduria Dangi in Chartarapur union of the upazila.

The deceased are two sons of Alal Pramanik of New Gohaibari area of ​​Chartarapur Union, Chhabbir Hossain (14), an eighth grade student of New Bazar High School and Siam Hossain (10), a third grade student of Gohail Bari Sarkar Primary School.

The other is Nur Hossain (10), a third class student of Kanchipara Primary School, son of Islam Sardar of Atghariapara village of Chartarapur Union.

Locals said that around 1 pm, some people were hanging an Argentinean flag on a mango tree next to the house. When it is forbidden to hang the flag during the sun, then they come down from the tree and take a towel from the house and go to bathe in the river. Locals got the news and went to the spot and rescued one person alive. Three others were found dead. They said that the elder brother Chhabbir also died while trying to save the two younger ones.

Locals also said that as soon as they stand on the high and low sand piles, the sand collapses and sinks quickly into the water. At that time, he was rescued from there and taken to Pabna General Hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. Meanwhile, the death of three people from the same area has cast a shadow of mourning on the area.

Alal Hossain, the father of the deceased said, “How will I survive now?” I became an orphan. Both sons left the world at the same time. A father cannot accept such a death.

Mostafizur Rahman Babu, UP member of Ward No. 6 of Chartarapur Union Parishad, said that while some friends were bathing in the Padma river, 4 people drowned while one was saved but it was not possible to save the three. We are shocked by the death of three people at the same time within few minutes. The whole village is now mourning. We cannot accept such death.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Pabna Sadar Police Station. Roshan Ali confirmed the truth of the incident. He said, it is very painful that three people died while taking bath together. Now the water in the river is increasing so he advised to keep an eye on the children.

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