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Residents of the capital are stuck in traffic jams and water jams

Monday, 01 July 2024 | 11:16 am | 25 times

Residents of the capital are stuck in traffic jams and water jams

Heavy rain is falling in the capital. Dhaka is covered with black clouds. Because of the clouds, it is as if evening has descended on the capital. The rain that started from that morning was unstoppable. It is pouring continuously. Although today (17 Ashad) it will rain throughout the day, the Meteorological Office had already informed.

And because of this rain, Dhaka is getting wet throughout the day, and in some places the number of vehicles is less and in some places there is a traffic jam. In addition, the rain throughout the day has caused waterlogging in some parts of the capital. All in all, the residents of the capital are in a state of irony due to the rains of Asadha.

People who went out to work due to rain throughout the day suffered a lot. Besides, there is traffic jam in many places of the capital, and there is public transport crisis in many places. People on the streets are walking with umbrellas. Also, the rickshaw-CNG drivers are asking extra fare from the passengers, the passengers are forced to travel on extra fare. Again, due to intermittent rains throughout the day, there has been some waterlogging in various streets of the capital. However, immediately after the rains in the basin, the water is receding. Day-long rain on the one hand, public transport crisis on the other hand, along with traffic jams and waterlogging on some roads, there is no end to the suffering of the people going to work in the capital.

Rahidul Islam, a CNG driver coming from Mohammadpur, said that he has seen traffic jams in Banani, Mohakhali, Vijay Sarani and Farmgate areas since morning. Now I came again from the direction of Mohammadpur, I saw that there is less public transport on the road, but there is traffic jam in various places. Besides, immediately after the rain, there is waterlogging in various places. I saw water still accumulating in various parts of Hatirjheel. People are on the road but passengers are relatively less. Because of that trip is less available, so when available I am charging some money more from the passengers.

Rajib Ahmed, helper of Baisakhi bus coming from Gabtali, said that he had to be stuck in traffic for some time on various roads. But the number of passengers on the road is very less. I came from Gabtali with half the passengers in the bus, although the number of people on the road today is comparatively less. There is some waterlogging on the road towards Vijay Sarni, where vehicles are moving very slowly, resulting in back traffic.

Altaf Hossain, a temporary food vendor on Hatirjheel footpath, was standing on the road with an umbrella. He said, due to the rain since morning, there is no end to the suffering of shopkeepers like us along with common people. I could not open the shop properly since morning, there are no customers at all. All people are walking with umbrellas, water has accumulated in many places. As a result, there is no end to human suffering. There are no customers in the shops today, the business condition is very bad. Again, people did not go out today unless absolutely necessary. It has been twelve o’clock in my business because of such rain all day.

It is to be noted that earlier the Meteorological Department had predicted rain in the next 48 hours. Monsoon is active over Bangladesh and strong over North Bay of Bengal, Met Office said. As a result, heavy rains are falling across the country. Which may continue for the next few days.

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