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Thousands of educational institutions closed due to floods

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Thousands of educational institutions closed due to floods

The water level in various rivers in the northern part of the country continues to rise due to hill slopes and continuous rains for several days. New areas are being flooded. The people of 10 districts of the country have been affected by the flood.
The flood affected districts are Sylhet, Sunamganj, Moulvibazar, Netrakona, Kurigram, Jamalpur, Gaibandha, Bogra, Tangail and Sirajganj.

Students are unable to go to more than a thousand educational institutions in these districts due to ingress of flood water. As a result, teaching has stopped. The parents of the students are worried. They say that the boys and girls are facing loss due to non-class examination.

The Flood Forecasting and Warning Center of Bangladesh Water Development Board (PUBO) reported this information on Friday. Among them there are 538 educational institutions in Sunamganj alone. Thousands of people are stuck in water. Vast areas of crops have been destroyed. There has been a river break.

The water level of major rivers in the north-eastern part of the country is decreasing overall, which may continue till Saturday morning. At this time, the overall flood situation in various low areas of the region may improve slightly.

Sardar Uday Raihan, Executive Engineer of the Flood Forecasting Center, said that the situation in the northeastern region is improving slightly. Over the next two days, the risk will be high over north Teesta, Dharla, Dudhkumar and north-west Brahmaputra-Yamuna-adjacent low-lying areas. Flood situation may worsen in these areas.

538 educational institutions of Sunamganj are unable to conduct class activities due to flood water. In particular, primary school teachers have been going to schools since July 3, but no students have come to these schools.

At Moulvibazar, Kushiara River (Sherpur) is eight centimeters above the boundary line and Juri River is flowing 180 centimeters above the boundary line.

District primary education officer. Khurshed Alam said that despite the opening of all primary schools, teaching activities in 97 educational institutions of five flood-affected upazilas of Moulvibazar are closed. Besides, some schools were used as shelters so educational programs could not be started in these institutions.

Teaching has been suspended in 66 primary schools in Char and lower areas of Sundarganj, Saghata and Phulchari upazilas, including Gaibandha Sadar. These include 17 primary schools in Gaibandha Sadar, 15 in Phulchari, 22 in Saghata and 12 in Sundarganj Upazila.

District primary education officer. Shahidul Islam confirmed the closure of the school.

As many as 50 educational institutions have been damaged by floods in various areas including Inatganj, Digalbak Union of Habiganj’s Nabiganj Upazila. Even though the water has receded from some educational institutions, they are still not suitable for teaching. Many high schools in the district did not conduct assessment tests.

As the water of Yamuna river flows over the boundary line in Bogra, water entered 48 educational institutions of three upazilas due to flood. These include two secondary schools, one madrassa and 45 government primary schools. Most of these educational institutions are closed.

The overall flood situation has improved slightly on Friday as compared to the previous day due to continued rainfall in Sylhet district. Out of 11 points of rivers in the district, water level has decreased in 9 points. The district administration of Sylhet said that 101 unions of 31 upazilas of Sylhet are still affected by floods. 6 lakh 26 thousand 138 people of 1 thousand 180 villages of these unions are affected by flood.

Incessant rains and hill slopes coming down from upstream caused the water level of all the rivers of Tangail to rise and flood the lower areas of four upazilas on Friday morning. Thousands of people are trapped in it. The water of Yamuna and Jhenai rivers in the district is rising and flowing 20 and 78 cm above the flood limit. River erosion has occurred in different areas of three upazilas.

According to Paubo Tangail sources, thousands of people in some villages of Bhuyapur, Gopalpur, Kalihati and Sadar upazilas are currently under water due to the increase of water in the rivers of the district. In some areas, cropland has been submerged due to river erosion. People in flood-affected areas are afraid of snakes.

Paubo’s executive engineer. Sajjad Hossain said that the water level of all the rivers in the district including Jamuna, Jhenai, Dhaleswari has increased due to heavy rains and hill slopes. The water will continue to rise for a few more days. There is a risk of flooding.

More than two hundred educational institutions in Kurigram under the influence of flood. These include 146 primary schools, 43 secondary schools and 20 madrasas.

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