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There is no justification for the anti-quota movement: Prime Minister

Sunday, 07 July 2024 | 8:37 am | 25 times

There is no justification for the anti-quota movement: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said regarding the ongoing movement of students demanding cancellation of quota, she does not see the rationale of the movement against the High Court’s ruling on quotas excluding education.

The prime minister said this in his speech after exchanging greetings with the leaders and workers of the organization at Ganobhaban on the occasion of the founding anniversary of Jubo Mahila League on Sunday (July 7).

Sheikh Hasina said, we are seeing the quota movement, the quota for freedom fighters, the quota for women should be cancelled. But it was canceled once. What is the result? If you look at the results of the Public Service Commission examination, it will be seen that women have not got the same opportunities in the past few years. This is the reality. Even the people of many remote areas or districts have remained deprived. They are also not getting jobs. Due to such deprivation, a case was filed and the High Court gave judgment.

He said, we do not always follow the judgment of the High Court. But now it appears that another anti-quota movement is underway. They are protesting against quotas by excluding education, girls are also protesting there. The Prime Minister said that an account should be taken of how many of those who had earlier protested against quota took the Public Service Commission exam and how many passed. Whether they (girls) passed the dhakak exam more. Let the girls prove they have passed more.

He said, ‘Youth Women’s League was always in the struggle. The BNP-Jamaat Yuba Mahila League leaders and workers have been subjected to unspeakable torture.

The head of government said that Awami League has been able to take the country to a higher place after coming to power. Addressing the BNP, the Prime Minister said that his government came to power through the people’s vote. BNP came to power by stealing votes. The people of the country do not allow vote thieves to remain in power. Sheikh Hasina also commented that Khaleda Zia had to resign twice for the crime of stealing votes.

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