Tuesday, 23rd July, 2024

Khaleda Zia’s health checkup underway: Personal doctor

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 | 10:05 am | 18 times

Khaleda Zia’s health checkup underway: Personal doctor

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia was admitted to the capital’s Evercare Hospital at 4:20 am when she fell ill on Monday. Now he is undergoing treatment in a cabin with intensive care unit (CCU) facilities under the supervision of the medical board.

Khaleda Zia’s personal doctor A ZM Zahid Hossain said that various health tests are being done on her. The medical board is scheduled to sit for his treatment on Tuesday afternoon.

About Khaleda Zia’s physical condition, Zahid Hossain told the media that her (Khaleda Zia) condition is improving. Not much more to say except that some more time will pass. Based on the results of the tests and the decision of the medical board, the doctors will take further measures regarding the treatment of Khaleda Zia.
Earlier, Khaleda Zia fell seriously ill on June 21 at around 3pm and was quickly admitted to Evercare Hospital. On June 25, a pacemaker was implanted in his heart at the hospital. Khaleda Zia returned to her rented house in Gulshan on July 2 after being treated at the hospital for 10 days. A week later he fell ill again due to heart problems. In this situation, he was rushed to the hospital early in the morning on the advice of the medical board.

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